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Annabella Avery aka my whole life.
bella-thorne-style messaged:
Hi I just wanted to say have a fun trip and i"m gonna miss your posts :( i cant wait for you to get back! You inspired me to make my own account. ily girl!

Aww ure so sweet!
Thank u!
U don’t even realize how much it means to me!
I’m so happy u created an account too bc tumblr is so fun tho ily

bellathornne messaged:
ahhh i miss you so much you don't even know </3

Omg bae I’m back and I missed ya so freaking much!
Just liked all ur posts!!!

Im so fucking sad that im not at home and cant edit bc of it:( there are a lot of new pix of B .. Cant wait to be at home again and post few more edits
I miss u all



people are so fucking un original like why is everyone calling bella “belela throne” now? it’s because she’s dyslexic or something? well, whatever, those assholes are looking pathetic doing that because they’re fighting with a fucking 16 year old girl, and she is probably is doing more things than…